Brothers in Arms Australia
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Based meticulous research and first-person interviews with dozens of Milperra survivors, Brothers In Arms is the harrowing true story of the events leading to the most violent clash between two motorcycle gangs ever experienced anywhere in the world.

On Father's Day, 1984, in Milperra, a suburb of Sydney, Australia, members of the infamous Bandido and Comanchero motorcycle clubs faced each other in the car park of the Viking Tavern, where a weekend 'swap meet' for everyone interested in motorbikes, including young families, was under way. The club members were armed with rifles, shotguns, baseball bats and machetes.

The dispute between the two clubs was meant to be settled by an old-fashioned fist fight between men representing the bitter rivals. The members of whichever club lost would have to tear off their colours and disband. Suddenly, a Bandido tackled a Comanchero holding a shotgun.The gun fired. Both sides, believing they had been attacked, opened fire, and when the shooting finally stopped, six bikers and a fourteen-year-old girl lay dead.