Brothers in Arms Australia
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In many ways, Brothers In Arms is a contemporary Western, the outlaw bikers loom larger than life. They ride into town, armed to the teeth. Tough, proud men who have 'earned' their club's patch, people step out of their way when they walk into a bar.

The events leading up to what the Australian press still refer to as the Milperra Biker Massacre are seen through the eyes of the story's anti-hero, Snoddy. Raised in an orphanage, Snoddy joined the Navy only to go AWOL to join the Comancheros, led by the charismatic Jock Ross, a hard Glaswegian. The simple code of brotherhood among the bikers and their belief that they are society's outsiders "one percenters" suits Snoddy, who falls under the sway of Jock, whom he comes to regard as a father-figure.

Although Brothers In Arms is intended to be a wild ride, a violent, fast-paced, rock 'n roll action picture, its dramatic tensions will be drawn from its understanding... more