Brothers in Arms Australia
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Outlaw biker gangs and their culture have always captured the curiosity and imagination of audiences in a cinema tradition that date back over half a century to Lazlo Benedek's The Wild One, starring Marlon Brando. The time is ripe for a new generation biker movie with a compelling, dramatic story, high production values and an international cast.

The announcement of Brothers In Arms has already generated interest from major actors, financiers and distributors in Australia and overseas.

Although envisaged as fast-paced and action-filled, the story will be driven by a story of considerable emotional pull that is almost Shakespearean in its tragedy, seen through the eyes of a character to whom the target audience, predominantly young to middle-aged males, but also many young women, will be able to relate.

As the film is based on such an infamous event in Australian history, there is a great opportunity for marketing the film domestically, while the universal nature of its story will ensure foreign appeal.  more